The TA Marketplace

The MA DSRIP Technical Assistance Marketplace (TA Marketplace) is brought to you by MassHealth, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program, and contractor Abt Associates Inc. (Abt). The TA Marketplace served to enable MassHealth ACOs, CPs, and CSAs to easily tap into the array of resources available to them through the MA DSRIP TA Program. These included:

  • Project-based, customized TA consulting and training from any vendor included in the TA Vendor Catalog
  • A variety of Off the Shelf TA projects packaged and ready for implementation
  • Shared learning forums and educational Pop-up events on topics critical to MassHealth payment and care delivery reform
  • TA project descriptions showed how ACOs and CPs utilized the MA DSRIP TA Program to strengthen their care delivery
  • Infographics that provide data on the MA DSRIP TA program, number of TA projects, and the competency areas and domains they fall under
  • Standardized CP and CSA trainings tailored to clinicians and staff in MassHealth CPs and CSAs

ACOs and CPs could visit the TA Marketplace to

  • Understand the TA Domains, and explore the consulting and training expertise available to them through the TA Vendor Catalog
  • Initiate conversations with TA Vendors
  • Learn more about using their TA Card funding to access TA services
  • Complete an application to initiate a TA project or Off the Shelf TA project
  • Complete semiannual and final reports related to active TA projects
  • Access CP trainings and CSA trainings
  • Find out about other resources and upcoming events

The TA Marketplace supported the MassHealth delivery system improvements funded through DSRIP over all five years of Massachusetts’ 1115 Waiver and DSRIP Program.

The TA Marketplace is one component of a broader portfolio of DSRIP Statewide Investments that are designed to strengthen the healthcare workforce and infrastructure across the state of Massachusetts. This is part of an effort to bolster MassHealth ACO, CP, and CSA capacity to improve health outcomes and experiences, and lower the total cost of care for MassHealth members. To learn more about the DSRIP Statewide Investments, please visit the Statewide Investments page on the Mass.gov website.

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