TA Competency Areas

ACO and CP TA Competency Areas outline the key spaces within which ACOs and CPs should continually develop their capabilities in order to improve experience and health outcomes while lowering total cost of care for MassHealth members.

TA Competency Areas serve two purposes:

  • They outline, at a high level, the capabilities and skills that ACOs and CPs need for sustainable healthcare reform and development of an integrated health system. TA Competency Areas are framed broadly. They encompass all other standards that MassHealth ACOs and CPs must address, such as MassHealth contractual requirements and management priorities. They are also expansive enough to accommodate the new findings and tools that will inevitably emerge over the next five years.
  • They are intended to inspire those immersed in the critical details of building and running a MassHealth ACO or CP to step back from those details and remember the bigger picture. TA Competency Areas are aspirational. Since they describe an ideal state of being, rather than a prescriptive checklist of “to do” items, the hope is that TA Competency Areas can spark innovative new thinking about how TA can be leveraged to build a strong and effective ACO or CP. 

TA Competency Areas are grounded in a review of the latest literature related to accountable care and care coordination.

The TA application will ask you to identify the TA Competency Area(s) your proposed TA project will strengthen. Example TA applications are available for both ACOs and CPs.

To find a TA Vendor that is well qualified to carry out your TA project, please search the Vendor Catalog, which organizes the expertise and services available through the TA Marketplace according to nine TA Domains.