Off the Shelf TA

Leadership & Change Management Training

Improvement comes with positive change, and once “change” is identified, you need to apply change management. This identified “improvement” or “change” is an input to the change management process. You’ll need to consider the necessary starting point for applying change management to your change initiative. A change management plan will include a strategy of how to: 1) Prepare for Change, 2) Manage Change, and 3) Reinforce Change. This will be provided to the ACO or CP team.

Medicalincs Change Management experts offer hands-on and training support to ACOs and CPs to successfully implement change management that will lead to a high employee adoption rate, realize the solution, and achieve desired results.

The training that we will provide (based on the needs of the ACO/CP) can include:

  • Virtual training using a platform such as Zoom, Go-To Meeting, etc. The virtual training will be recorded and delivered to the ACO/CP
  • On-demand training- Medicalincs has a platform that allows for pay-per-course for future training (This is not specific to the ACO/CP)

Depending on the ACO or CP preference, we can also seek CEU/CME credits for the training and also provide a certification of completion at the end of the training.

There are some aspects to change management that are sensitive and focus on executive leadership. If the ACO or CP expresses the need for executive coaching and support, one-on-one focused interviews can be conducted as needed for different members of the executive team and key stakeholders in the ACO or CP workgroups.

(Example of Medicalincs Change Management training can be found on our Medicalincs Learning Academy Site specifically:

PY1 2020 Session 2: Change Management| Team Based Care| Quality Improvement
2019 Session 2: Change Management & Process Improvement).




$25,000 - $75,000


Ongoing Availability


3 to 6 months


Either single or multiple participants (one ACO or CP per TA project OR multiple ACOs or CPs per TA Project)


Performance Improvement