Off the Shelf TA

Leadership and Team Coaching

The foundation of organizational effectiveness is high-performing teams that work cross-functionally toward clearly articulated vision, mission, and goals. High performance ACOs and CPs recognize that effectiveness comes from their greatest assets — their people. Effective leaders are essential for building the capacity of ACOs and CPs to meet their missions, and to achieve desired outcomes (cost, quality, impact, equity, and others). HRiA offers customized leadership and team coaching for leaders navigating these aims during a time of rapid environmental change. The goals of this coaching are to assess and develop leadership and team competencies to support their capacity to lead and manage the challenges of dynamic and successful organizations who operate in this space.

Our coaches and organizational development experts have decades of experience working with executives and senior leadership in hospitals, health centers, academic medical centers, and community-based organizations to address the challenges of managing effective organizations and teams. Coaching is offered on an individual basis but may include support for team meetings/discussions. Key topics include:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication
  • Decision-making
  • Meeting management and facilitation/consensus building
  • Staffing (planning, recruitment, selection, retention)
  • Supervision (developing, rewarding, and motivating staff and performance management)
    • Building a high performing and empowered team
    • Managing change and transitions
  • Creating positive and supportive cultures/climate
  • Succession planning
    • Board development
    • Stakeholder engagement and partnership development

In addition to the coaching options provided above, HRiA can provide tools, templates, and support for staff selection (e.g., screening, reference checks, competency-based job descriptions, structured interview protocols), performance management (e.g., standard and 360-degree evaluations), organizational development (e.g., culture and climate assessments, internal team assessments, and Board assessments), succession planning, decision-making, action planning, and more.

TA may be offered in chosen increments of one-hour telephone sessions which may be scheduled weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Interventions can range from 6, 1-hour sessions up to 24, 1-hour sessions depending on client issues, goals, and needs.


$10,000 - $25,000


Time-Limited Availability




Single participant (one ACO or CP per TA project)


Care Coordination / Integration

Performance Improvement