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TA for MassHealth ACOs and CPs is also available from other State agencies and affiliates. Scroll down to browse the offering of additional resources.

Health Information Exchange (HIE) Adoption and Utilization Services (HAUS)

Health Information Exchange (HIE) Adoption and Utilization Services, or (HAUS), are designed to assist organizations’ transition to secure, electronic exchange of health information to improve care coordination among providers. The Massachusetts Health Information HIway (Mass HIway), Massachusetts Health Information Highwaythe Commonwealth’s state-sponsored health information exchange (HIE), is offering HAUS services free of charge to all MassHealth Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Community Partners (CPs), and Community Service Agencies (CSAs) in partnership with MassHealth. The only potential cost to organizations receiving HAUS assistance would be a fee for connection to the Mass HIway if no other connectivity options already exist. (Funding for HAUS will not come from ACO and CP TA Card funding available through the MassHealth DSRIP TA Program).

Common HIE use cases that the HAUS team can assist your organization and trading partner to achieve include:

  • Primary Care Provider (PCP) sends a referral to Specialist
  • ACO sends a referral to a Behavioral Health (BH) CP
  • ACO sends a referral to a Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) CP
  • CSA sends a request for member’s Care Plan to PCP
  • PCP sends member’s Care Plan to CSA
  • Discharge Summary is sent from a hospital to a long term care facility, BH CP, or LTSS CP
  • BH CP sends Comprehensive Assessment, Person-Centered Treatment Plan to PCP
  • CP or CSA sends updated Care Plan back to the member’s PCP

The HAUS team will collaborate with all parties to identify opportunities to incorporate or improve technology-assisted care coordination (i.e. use cases), assess critical gaps, and develop and manage a project plan to ensure the identified use case is fully implemented and utilized by both the sending and receiving organizations. Moreover, the team will assist all organizations with meeting MassHealth electronic exchange contractual requirements.

To get started with HAUS TA, please send an email to  Please include the word HAUS in the subject line and be sure to include your name, title, phone number and email address as well as your provider organization name.

Resources from the Health Policy Commission

Massachusetts Health Policy CommissionThe Health Policy Commission (HPC) engages with and supports ACOs through policy development, program operations, and investment activities.  HPC resources that may be helpful to ACOs and their partners include:

  • HPC ACO Certification Program Information and Publications: The HPC develops and implements standards of certification for ACOs in the Commonwealth.  General information about the program, including the certification requirements, is available here.  The HPC is also issuing a series of briefs and other resources that provide information and insights regarding the characteristics of certified ACOs.  Click here to access those publications.
  • Transforming Care Newsletter: This monthly email shares insights, information, and resources related to care delivery transformation, sourced from HPC’s certification and investment programs, as well as other local and national resources.  Each newsletter features a Spotlight topic or event, Lessons from the Field, a Patient Story, and listings of relevant publications, presentations, conferences, and other events.  To sign up for the newsletter, email us at