How to Use the TA Card

Step One

Take a quick look through the TA Catalog headings. You can also browse the entire TA Catalog to get to know the TA Vendors and the services they can provide. If you have a particular TA Vendor in mind, just enter the name in the search field to locate the TA Vendor profile page. TA Vendors can also be sorted alphabetically.

TA Vendor profile pages make it easy to contact TA Vendors to discuss a possible TA project or learn more about the services that a TA Vendor can provide. Just click the TA Vendor’s message button on their profile page to start the conversation.

Step Two

Once you have an idea of the TA project you would like to propose, and a short list of  TA Vendors with which you would like work, you can complete the TA application to initiate the TA process. The application is quick and easy and will help us ensure that your project aligns with one or more TA Competency Areas and any specific priorities discussed between you and your MassHealth Contract Manager. You can also indicate your preferred TA Vendor(s) on your TA application.

Abt Associates and MassHealth will review TA applications to ensure TA Vendor capacity and TA project alignment with MassHealth priorities. In some cases, MassHealth will reach out to ACOs and CPs to discuss the proposed TA project in greater detail, prior to approval of the project. MassHealth will notify ACOs and CPs and the relevant TA Vendor once a TA application is approved.

Step Three

Following approval of your TA application, you and your TA Vendor will work together to develop a Scope of Work (SOW) and budget for your TA project. Please note that Abt Associates and MassHealth must provide written approval for your SOW and budget prior to the start of any TA project work.

Approved SOWs and budgets will be formalized via Task Orders between Abt Associates and TA Vendors. SOWs and budgets will also provide the basis for quarterly, semiannual, and final reporting on TA project progress and deliverables-based reimbursement of TA Vendors. All payments to TA Vendors will be made by Abt Associates.

From the time you submit your application, our goal is to have your TA Vendor in place to begin work within three weeks.

Questions, comments, or inquiries? Drop us a note – we can help!