We do not experience life’s challenges in silos. Our needs are interrelated, interconnecting, and intersectional. Unfortunately the standard practice of screening for a need, then referring that individual to another organization that can help meet that need, perpetuates silos in our systems of care and it just does not work – referrals to social services organizations fail 80% or more of the time.  When we go beyond screening and referring, we can take into account a person’s whole set of needs and make a plan to address them – in partnership with the person in need and the organizations in the community that can help. We have to break down the silos and bridge the gaps to drive desired outcomes.


  • We are a Boston-based company, formed almost 10 years ago, with our founders coming from Harvard and Children’s Hospital
  • Our staff (RNs, MPHs and clinical experts) deeply understand policy and social determinants of health.
  • Activate Care staff can support a variety of consulting, technical assistance, network development, and related projects. Their platform is
    also available via the TA program.



A major hospital in Boston serves a significantly disproportionate number of disadvantaged patients who live in the Greater Boston community. Their goal is to foster innovative new models of care so that patients and communities can thrive. The hospital’s community health programs, powered by Activate Care’s CareHub have: 40% reduction in avoidable inpatient visits, with 29% reduction in length of stay; significant improvements in child health status and parental anxiety and depression; increased Quality of Life scores reported by parents of medically complex children.

The statements in this document are made solely by Activate Care. No statement in this document should be construed as an official position of or endorsement by Abt Associates Inc. or the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services.


The Activate CareHub coordinates local networks of healthcare and social services providers across the continuum of care, and connects individuals to the services they need right now. Since 2013, Activate Care has been working with communities and organizations that are changing the standard of care for vulnerable and at-risk populations. Together, Activate Care and our clients are driving towards shared processes, high-quality outcomes, and collective social progress in communities across the country.  With Activate Care’s CareHub technology in place, these providers are working together to manage and share core workflows including patient outreach, and patient and family engagement, and to ensure data flows across multiple systems securely. Activate Care clients leverage value-added tools such as shared care plans, patient-centered goals, assignment of tasks, and the initiation of referrals to teams of care providers across the community. The CareHub enables models of care that support caring for the whole person, in partnership with the whole care team, and with visibility across the whole community.



  • We place a strong priority on living our work, so our team engages in numerous community and charitable programs to help address the needs of our communities like volunteering at local food banks and raising money for the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber.
  • We grant one paid day off per quarter to all employees to engage in charitable or community activities.


  • “Activate Care is the only platform that links systems of care around the individual, rather than just the activities of the case manager. It not only helps people track and monitor those activities, but also connects to other systems of care.”
  • “It is important that our vulnerable, underserved, and often stigmatized populations receive coordinated, whole-person care. To deliver that care, we need a community collaboration platform for the whole continuum, and Activate Care has the experience to help us make this effort a reality.”
  • “We see fewer complex needs clients in the emergency department – we discharge people faster, connect them to the community better, and see fewer present in the first place… Activate Care has helped to flatten these silos.”


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