C4 Innovations partners with organizations to develop customized, strategic learning plans and solutions that deepen knowledge and build skills and ultimately advance whole-person care, support recovery, achieve health and wellness, and improve outcomes for hard-to-reach populations. The opportunity to interact with experienced trainers along with peers and colleagues sets the stage for long-term success. Our learning plans incorporate variables tailored to your organization such as staff skill levels, staff turnover, budget, and desired timeframe.


  • C4 Innovations puts people first. Our work is person-centered, trauma-informed, and recovery-oriented with a deep commitment to promoting social justice and reducing disparities. C4 aims to center equity in all of work. Equity is a strategy to address disparities that are driven by systematic discrimination against people with diverse, racial, ethnic, and gender identities.
  • We walk the walk. More than 45% of our staff is in recovery from substance use and mental health disorders, homelessness, and trauma. Many more are family members and allies of people in recovery, as well as clinicians, practitioners, and leaders with on-the-ground experience designing and delivering services. We prioritize the lived experience and first-hand knowledge of our staff, clients, and partners in all our work. This multidisciplinary perspective informs and enriches C4’s work, resulting in training/TA that is grounded in first-person experiences accessing, receiving, and delivering services.


C4 worked with an ACO to increase team effectiveness and prepare to successfully integrate peer providers into an already established team. The goal was to increase outcomes for patients, satisfaction of team members, and cost effectiveness. C4’s team has provided technical assistance to leaders at this ACO in three parts: 1) A brief assessment that includes review of current job descriptions, staff allocations, and staff interviews; 2) Presenting the information gathered during Part 1 to ACO leadership and finalizing a training plan, informing Part 3; and 3) Provide training based on the needs assessed in Part 1 and presented in Part 2.


The statements in this document are made solely by C4 Innovations. No statement in this document should be construed as an official position of or endorsement by Abt Associates Inc. or the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services.


C4 Innovations, formerly the Center for Social Innovation (C4), advances recovery, wellness, and housing stability for people who are marginalized. We are committed to reducing disparities and achieving equitable outcomes. C4 brings extensive experience leading statewide and national training and technical assistance initiatives. Our multidisciplinary team includes clinicians, case managers, outreach workers, nurses, physicians, researchers, public health specialists, teachers, trainers, and people with lived experience of mental illness, substance use, trauma, and homelessness.


  • C4 has an in-house Design for Learning Team, comprised of graphic designers, developers, producers, and multimedia specialists. This team develops innovative products that are practical, accessible, and adaptable across healthcare and human service settings; supports virtual learning and dissemination; and is available to support MassHealth technical assistance requestors with these needs.
  • C4 hosts a podcast called Changing the Conversation. Our hosts and guests discuss critical and timely topics focused on substance use, mental health, trauma, equity, homelessness, and trauma. We explore how we can adapt our systems to the rapidly changing landscape of healthcare and social services.


“Our last call was fantastic! We are looking to diversify our funding resources and tap into Medicaid and MCO. We are currently working on our homework assignments to look into electronic medical records and internally looking at service units. We are looking forward to our next call next week. This whole process with has us thinking about strategic planning. Our recovery center is fairly new and so we have not done any planning around strategy. Thank you to the team for helping us get to this point!”
“Our TA provider was truly amazing to work with. The amount of progress I was able to make astounded me as she has a knack of weeding thru the superfluous stuff that muddles up the process of true action. Her help propelled me forward faster than any help I’ve had in the past. Thank you for providing this service!”


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