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We offer engaging, powerful, and practical online and onsite technical assistance (TA) and training that is skills-based, grounded in adult learning principles, and accessible to people with diverse skills, technology, education, and life experience. Our work spans the continuum from prevention and early intervention strategies to housing solutions and recovery supports—all with a […]




We offer engaging and practical training and technical assistance that is skills-based, grounded in adult learning principles, and accessible to people with diverse skills, education, and life experiences.

We can strengthen your ACO or CP at multiple levels including training and TA, consultation, workforce development, implementation of evidence-based and best practices, capacity building, systems change, and strategic planning. Specifically, key topics include supervision and integration of the peer workforce, motivational interviewing, trauma-informed care, team efficiency, physical and behavioral health integration, co-occurring conditions, equity, telehealth case management, community integration, flexible service provision, substance use disorder, and opioid overdose prevention. Our Racial Equity Initiatives team also works with organizations to advance racial equity across programs and policies.

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  • We center equity in all of our work. We start with racial equity because racism permeates every institution and system.
  • We walk the walk. More than 45% of our staff is in recovery from substance use, mental health challenges, homelessness, or trauma.
  • Our solutions are developed and improved based on continuous input from the “end user.”
  • We have an in-house research and evaluation team to assess your specific needs and inform TTA projects.
  • We are owned and led by women.


We worked with an ACO to increase team effectiveness and prepare to successfully integrate peer providers into an already established team. Our team provided training and TA to leaders at this ACO in three parts: 1) A brief assessment that includes review of current job descriptions, staff allocations, and staff interviews; 2) Presenting the information gathered during Part 1 to ACO leadership and finalizing a training plan; and 3) Providing trainings on motivational interviewing and outreach and engagement.


The statements in this document are made solely by C4 Innovations. No statement in this document should be construed as an official position of or endorsement by Abt Associates Inc. or the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services.


C4 Innovations (C4) is a values-based, mission-driven, woman-owned small business. C4 develops and implements approaches that advance person-centered care, support recovery and stable housing, achieve health and wellness, and effect equitable, lasting social change. We believe that when people are able to access and engage in their own care, the results are healthier individuals and communities, more efficient systems, and reduced costs.

Who we are and what we do today is deeply connected to where we come from. C4 began in 2006 with one project – the Homelessness Resource Center, a SAMHSA initiative dedicated to improving the lives of people experiencing homelessness, mental illness, substance use disorder, and trauma. Since then, we have expanded our focus to address other factors that contribute to health including socioeconomic factors, racism, and other forms of social injustice.


  • We have an in-house team comprised of graphic designers, developers, producers, and multimedia specialists. We build products that are practical, accessible, and adaptable across healthcare settings.
  • We host a podcast called Changing the Conversation. Our hosts and guests discuss critical and timely topics focused on substance use, mental health, trauma, race equity, homelessness, and trauma. We explore how we can adapt our systems to the rapidly changing landscape of healthcare and social services.


  • “Our last call was fantastic! We are looking to diversify our funding resources and tap into Medicaid and MCO. Thank you to the team for helping us get to this point!”
  • “The amount of progress I was able to make astounded me C4 has a knack of weeding thru the superfluous stuff that muddles up the process of true action. C4’s help propelled me forward faster than any help I’ve had in the past.”


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