Our consultants are national experts with experience designing and implementing innovative complex care models across health and social sectors. Our TA includes facilitating change and improvement initiatives, systems-level implementation, evaluation planning, and strategic advising. We have worked with dozens of institutions across the country, including community-based behavioral health, managed care organizations, social service organizations, and regional and national health systems. We co-creating interventions tailored to their unique population needs, institutional goals, fiscal environment, and policy context. Our work aims to create lasting partnerships between healthcare, public health, social services, housing, and others who serve vulnerable populations.


We are pioneers in designing and delivering person-centered care that addresses physical, behavioral, and social health needs to improve well-being and health equity. We accelerate learning through a unique combination of on-the-ground population health innovation and a National Center that builds the field alongside an engaged network of thousands of practitioners. Our experience with diverse data sources and data sharing structures helps clients identify and segment populations, drive workflows, and engage in continuous improvement, research, and evaluation.


As TA providers we supported the design and implementation of a community-wide model for patients with complex needs for an integrated health system as it prepared for risk-based Medicaid contracting in California. We co-designed a rural site’s cross-sector collaborative that resulted in reductions of 78% for emergency department visits, 80% for inpatient admissions, 66% for hospital days, and 95% for emergency response. The health system made this model a core component of its enterprise strategy, hiring us to scale the approach in 40 additional sites.

The statements in this document are made solely by Camden Coalition of Providers. No statement in this document should be construed as an official position of or endorsement by Abt Associates Inc. or the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services.


The Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers (the Camden Coalition), is a multidisciplinary non-profit in Camden, New Jersey established in 2002 as a citywide alliance of primary care providers, health and social services organizations, and community representatives aiming to deliver better care to individuals with complex health and social needs. We envision a transformed healthcare system that ensures every individual in America receives whole-person care rooted in authentic healing relationships. Together, the Coalition and its National Center have deep expertise in care management, clinical design, health information analysis, and coalition-building, which is leveraged in its technical assistance work. The Camden Coalition and the National Center have a long history of providing technical assistance locally, regionally, and nationally. They offer coaching, expert advising, and training from experts at the Camden Coalition who have developed the Camden Core Model and other successful complex care models used across the country.


  • We are known for our morning line-dance huddles. Monday mornings typically do not bring a lot of energy so we incorporate conga lines, the Electric Slide and other line dances to kick off the week. We’ve found that dancing is good for the soul and employee wellness. What might start out as a care team huddle of about 15 people can turn into a conga line of 50 staff members. It’s how we roll!


  • “They are all brilliant. They are focused and disciplined with a great deal of social and emotional intelligence.” – Health care system
  • They were “always willing to say, ‘you guys are the experts in the room, we value your expertise and feedback’. ” – Community-Based Organization
  • “I love working with them and they’ve definitely escalated our advancement in this work.” -Health care system


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