Our core competencies are in supporting the development of new analytic insights, interdisciplinary teams, integration of enabling technologies, cross-setting partnerships, and effective engagement and service delivery strategies to achieve the goals of high-value, accountable care.

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  • We have a unique offering designing and implementing large scale initiatives. Their expertise is characterized by developing “methods” not “models”.
  • “Models are made to be broken by the next team in a different environment, working on different patients, with different resources,” says Dr. Boutwell. “CHS focuses on identifying the common elements of success and failure among teams that are working hard but not yet seeing success. Within those observations I identify the methods that characterize successful strategies.”
  • Dr. Boutwell has continuously practiced medicine over the past decade of leading delivery system transformation initiatives, which lends not only clinical and operational credibility. This makes her coaching style clear, on-point, and “no-nonsense”.


We were the strategic and technical advisor to the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission’s $70M CHART Program (Phases 1 and 2, 2013-2017). CHART was a public investment in community hospitals to ready them to succeed in a value-based payment environment. CHS provided strategic design of the CHART Phase 2 investments – focusing on reducing acute care utilization for the highest-risk patients, deploying person-centered, interdisciplinary, and cross-setting services – often supported by enabling technologies to promote efficiency and operational measurement. In the 2 year period, focusing on intent-to-treat (whole target population served or not served) measurements, >80% of the programs achieved measurable reductions in utilization for these highest-risk target populations and 100% achieved their delivery system transformation performance objectives.

The statements in this document are made solely by Collaborative Healthcare Strategies. No statement in this document should be construed as an official position of or endorsement by Abt Associates Inc. or the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services.


Collaborative Healthcare Strategies works at the intersection of best practices and approaches in delivery system transformation to help their clients achieve success in accountable care and deliver better, higher value care. They have extensive experience with a variety of approaches to improve transitions in care, care across settings, and care for socially and medically complex populations. Collaborative Healthcare Strategies applies new ideas and best practices to help their clients reduce acute care utilization and achieve greater collaboration across settings, among partners, and over time.


  • “This was exactly what I needed as I align DSRIP and ACO work.”
  • “Dr. Boutwell has a very vast knowledge base, but is down to earth and engaging.”
  • “Articulate information. Assisted the team in brainstorming. Provided positive feedback. Allowed the team to draw on their own strength.”
  • “Dr. Boutwell is well versed in the use of data; targeting; interventions to address clinical, behavioral, and social needs; implementation in a variety of settings; and problem solving over time to get results. Her work on using data, problem solving, and system analysis to reduce readmissions is nationally recognized. In addition, she has the ability to convey this knowledge to other professionals in a clear, concise, and individualized way. Dr. Boutwell is both knowledgeable and personable which is a winning combination for a consultant.”


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