Our  team is passionate about helping ACOs succeed and are highly dedicated to their success. Our mission is to transform health care delivery to make it more patient-centered, affordable, and high-performing. Our staff have a deep understanding of multiple types of ACO programs (commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid), and are experienced management consultants. We know that every organization is starting at a different place, so they use their experience and knowledge, as well as proven tools and a collaborative approach, to help organizations get where they need to be by first understanding where they are coming from.

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  • We have been immersed in developing and implementing MassHealth ACOs since the beginning of 2017. By being involved in the program from the planning stage through implementation, DHS has developed a deep understanding of the MassHealth ACO and CP programs and the challenges that must be met to succeed.
  • We have experience working with key stakeholder groups including hospitals, provider groups, Community Health Centers, insurers, Behavioral Health Community Partners, Long Term Services and Support Community Partners, and the Commonwealth. Through their work with ACOs and CPs and similar engagements, DHS has gained extensive experience and deep expertise in providing technical assistance ranging from strategy to execution across several of the TA domains.
  • We:
    • are dedicated to healthcare improvement
    • combine a mission-orientation with strong business savvy
    • accelerate change
    • bring deep expertise, proven tools, and a collaborative approach to make things happen
    • have a cost-effective, flexible model
    • are in our 9th year as a Massachusetts-based, women-owned business.


We helped design and implement a Medicaid ACO which involved extensive facilitation and integration of disparate organizations, including physician organizations, hospitals, a community health center, and an insurer. While navigating this integration and in all aspects of the project, DHS considered the unique culture and needs of each of the entities and their patient populations. DHS also assisted in the successful development of their population health and risk stratification strategy. DHS then assisted with an organization redesign and change management approach to help ensure sustainability and long-term success.

The statements in this document are made solely by Day Health Strategies. No statement in this document should be construed as an official position of or endorsement by Abt Associates Inc. or the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services.


Day Health Strategies (DHS) provides experience-based, cost-effective consulting services to organizations that are focusing on strategic opportunities in health care. Their mission is to transform the health care system to make it more patient-centered, affordable, and high-performing. Founded by Rosemarie Day in 2010 to focus on implementing national health reform, she built on her initial success, and the company is now serving organizations that want to transform their approach to offering or delivering health care. Day Health Strategies has worked with numerous private and public-sector organizations in developing and implementing their health reform and related strategies.


  • Fifty percent of small businesses fail after 5 years; we are in our 9th year and are in the top 3% of women-owned businesses for financial performance.
  • DHS is a woman-owned, Massachusetts-based business that has served clients in 17 states, Canada and Puerto Rico.


“The Day Health team helped us develop a sustainability roadmap for our Community Health Team program, which was facing the possibility of significant cuts in Federal and State funding. This was a critical project for us, as we were under extreme pressure to develop a sustainability plan in a short period of time.  In addition to providing an excellent work product, the Day Health team added the resources and skills that we needed to get this important work done. Collaboration and coordination was excellent and differentiated them from other consultants we’ve worked with. The CHT program is a critical part of our mission, and because of Day Health’s work we are in a much better position to succeed.  We highly recommend Day Health to other organizations looking to build a successful future!” –Client, Executive Director

“We have had the pleasure of working with Day Health twice over the course of the last year to develop strategic business plans for two of the Center’s programs that we feel have significant growth potential. We couldn’t have been more impressed with Day in both cases.  The team took the time to understand our program, understand the markets we were looking at, and came back with a realistic and comprehensive assessment of what we could accomplish along with what type of investment we would need to make to be successful.  When you work with Day you don’t get a cookie-cutter approach to your project, instead you get a responses that balances your goals with your organizations strengths and weaknesses to develop a plan that is both realistic and visionary.  We recommend Day without hesitation.” – Client, Executive Director


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