Between their EHR and Care Management offerings, eHana is the most widely deployed Health IT vendor for Community Partners in Massachusetts. They have worked closely with every MassHealth ACO to build integrations and processes for exchanging data. Given their existing network, relationships, and thorough understanding of the MassHealth ACO/CP initiatives and program goals, eHana is uniquely positioned to assist organizations with their population health TA needs.


  • eHana has been deeply involved in the Community Partner initiative since day one, attending state meetings, leading informative webinars, and supporting organizations with template language as they prepared their CP RFP responses. Their technologies support a significant share of the overall CP member population and they have received consistently enthusiastic feedback from their CP partners.
  • eHana is made up of technologists, project managers, product specialists, and subject matter experts whose expertise includes 18 years of Electronic Health Record/Care Management software design and deployment, implementation support, interoperability interface development, and population health analytics.
  • eHana’s unique focus on the Massachusetts market and the highly specific needs of Community Partners makes them completely unique in the industry.


At the start of the Community Partner program, providers were inundated with data imports from MassHealth, ACOs, and their own internal EHRs/data warehouses. eHana provided assistance in managing the flow of data, “scrubbing” the data, mapping and understanding file/transaction contents, processing heterogeneous data sources into a common schema, and building analytics and reporting around the imported data. As a result, Community Partners are now able to access a single, centralized data repository of their population’s demographics, contacts, care teams, and healthcare information.


The statements in this document are made solely by eHana. No statement in this document should be construed as an official position of or endorsement by Abt Associates Inc. or the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services.


eHana has over 17 years of experience in Health Information Technology, and is a leader in providing Massachusetts-based organizations with innovative, effective technology solutions and services. eHana’s expertise includes electronic health record (EHR) development and deployment, data interoperability/integration, and analytics and reporting. eHana is the go-to resource for Community Partners and their technology issues, and provides them with Care Management and Population Health software. Leveraging the Community Partner network, eHana has built relationships with key MassHealth Accountable Care Organizations and other stakeholders, developing technical mechanisms for information exchange and care coordination.


  • eHana’s first product was a unique care coordination tool for community-based providers spanning multiple islands in Hawaii. Prior to that solution being deployed, supervisors would regularly fly island-to-island to review client documentation. Unfortunately, the implementation of our solution (in 2000/2001) meant supervisors lost a lot of frequent flyer miles!
  • eHana moved their headquarters to Massachusetts in 2008 and have been based here ever since.


“eHana has been a great partner for us for CCHP and ACCS. I think the platform was a great choice for our organization.” – Liz Olivera-Mustard, CCHP
“WOW!! This is amazing- thank you so much. I can’t say enough what a positive experience it is working with you all.” – Fred Rocco, SSTAR
“I want to thank the eHana team for your responsiveness to all of our questions and requests! Everyone at eHana has been really great to work with.” – Christine Tardiff, ESMV


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