We are committed to providing clients with personal, high-quality, innovative support that helps them achieve their goals. Their firm collaborates with national, state and local partners to implement solutions that promote access to care, drive efficiencies, and improve outcomes. As a boutique firm, they employ a relationship-driven approach that means their clients benefit from access to nationally-recognized consultants throughout the duration of the project. They provide the highest quality work products on time, every time and effectively manage project budgets to ensure that clients’ needs come first.


  • We have a deep understanding of the fundamental structure and history of DSRIP.
  • we have had success working at all levels of the health care system, including providing technical assistance to providers on implementation of DSRIP programs in California and New York.
  • We understand delivery system reform from the consumer and provider perspective based on their work in California, where they’ve worked on the ground since 2011 with beneficiaries, caregivers, all types of frontline staff, and provider organizations to do the hard work of transforming how care is delivered in the safety net.
  • We know how to translate complex policy into easy-to-understand and actionable tools for change.
  • We assist California with implementation of the new Whole Person Care (WPC) pilots, which seek to coordinate health, behavioral health, and social services through collaboration with county public health agencies, cities, hospital and health systems, health plans, and community-based organizations.
  • Our team has specialized expertise in the integration of behavioral health services, and the development and implementation of strategies to provide recovery-oriented substance use disorder services at the state and county level.


We provided recommendations for policies, operational requirements, performance measures and data analysis to the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Medicaid eligibility and enrollment process. We recommended a phased-in approach to modifying the lines of accountability across the state, increasing the level of data reporting and performance measurement, and expanding and modifying the staff training program in order to ensure that eligibility workers have access to needed policy and operational information in real time. The Commonwealth is in the process of implementing the recommended approach in conjunction with its recent adoption of the Medicaid expansion.

The statements in this document are made solely by HC Harbage Consulting. No statement in this document should be construed as an official position of or endorsement by Abt Associates Inc. or the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services.


Established in 2005, Harbage Consulting is a mission-driven national health policy and communications consulting firm with deep policy, operational, and outreach expertise in public programs. Their mission is to promote access to affordable, high quality health coverage and care and they pursue clients that enable their firm to stay true to that mission. They help their clients navigate, develop, and implement a wide range of health policies related to Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Medicare, and the Health Insurance Marketplace. Harbage Consulting clients span state Medicaid agencies, county health services departments, health care foundations, consumer advocacy organizations, hospitals, health systems, trade associations, and labor unions.


We have an alter-ego: “Harbark Catsulting.” Our mascots are the President’s black cat and the Vice President’s beagle! Not only are they an animal-friendly workplace, but they actively support the animal rescue organization, Pause 4 Paws (www.pause4pawsmn.org).


“Harbage Consulting displayed a high degree of professionalism in their work and provided all of the deliverables for the project on time and within the agreed upon budget. I have enjoyed working with the Harbage Consulting team and have appreciated their expertise, responsiveness to DMAS’ needs, and the high quality of the work products delivered.” – Client, Chief Deputy Director


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