HMA has decades of experience integrating approaches between government bodies that oversee healthcare for vulnerable populations, organizations that pay for it, and community-based providers who deliver it. They understand the challenges and constraints facing their clients. Using project teams led by Boston staff with access to HMA experts from across the country, they collaborate to achieve transformational results.


  • HMA consultants have walked in their client’s shoes. Using knowledge drawn from the front lines of healthcare delivery and reform in Massachusetts and across the U.S., they will partner with ACOs and CPs to address their specific needs. Their seasoned experts provide consulting services rather than delegating work to less experienced staff, allowing them to quickly and efficiently provide critical insights and recommendations.
  • HMA staff have experience working with ACOs and Community Partners, including a project focused on the intersection of the two — assisting an ACO to develop collaborative, functional, sustainable processes for collaboration and integrated care with 12 contracted Community Partners.
  • HMA understands the importance of population-based, person-centered systems of care and has experience providing technical assistance for care teams in Massachusetts and across the U.S.
  • HMA has developed analytics and interventions to address social determinants of health, including an innovative framework to examine health disparities in the Medicaid population based on demographic, medical, and social risk factors.
  • HMA has partnered with consumers having diverse backgrounds and complex needs to design and implement projects, and they know that engaging consumer stakeholders is vital.


HMA has successfully launched four TA projects in the first six months of 2019. Our clients include CPs and ACOs with new projects being finalized. HMA is excited about the early progress made to help its ACO and CP clients move toward realizing their strategic and operational goals. HMA has: collected, validated, and assimilated data from MassHealth files and merged with client data—with the aim of transforming the data into meaningful and actionable information and quality metrics to support population health management; provided clients with initial analysis of assigned enrollee diagnoses patterns, opening new insights into enrollee needs and care coordination priorities; developed risk stratification alternatives; provided ACOs and CPs with research and analysis collected through stakeholder interviews of ACO practices, representatives of community-based organizations, and industry experts; and conducted research to identify possible Flexible Service Program interventions, potential returns on investment, and target populations.


The statements in this document are made solely by Health Management Associates. No statement in this document should be construed as an official position of or endorsement by Abt Associates Inc. or the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services.


Dedicated to addressing the needs of vulnerable populations, Health Management Associates (HMA) assists policymakers, providers, accountable care entities, community-based organizations, health plans and communities navigate the ever-changing healthcare environment, with a focus on making publicly funded programs like Medicaid and Medicare operate more effectively. Using knowledge drawn from the front lines of healthcare delivery and reform, their multi-disciplinary teams partner with clients to explore innovative solutions to complex challenges. HMA’s model ensures seasoned experts personally provide consulting services. They have an intimate understanding of the challenges and constraints clients face because they have done the work they do, and they collaborate across disciplines and geographical regions to put that knowledge to work for every client.


  • All HMA offices across the country have the same look and feel using two key design features: 1) All offices display photos of the statehouses from the 18 states where we have offices — an acknowledgement of HMA’s foundation of consultants with state government programs and 2)HMA offices display local photographers’ work recognizing the importance of the local and unique aspects of each office’s community.
  • The Hooper Awards. The “Hoopers” is an annual awards ceremony at our company’s annual retreat to celebrate all that our consultants overcome in helping to meet their clients’ needs. Colleagues submit their favorite, fun and unique memories and top entries are selected. But why are they called the “Hoopers”? It started when their president and founding member, Jay Rosen, experienced an unusual commute to his Alaskan client. Upon landing at the remote Hooper Bay airport, Jay was told that the final leg of his journey would be by snow machine and sled!


“Thank you for helping us make excellent progress. We could not have done it without you. You flawlessly moved us from every stage of formation through a smooth transition. I am grateful and hope to work with HMA again in the future.” -Susan West Levine, MPH Chief Executive Officer, Lowell Community Health Center


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