Healthcentric Advisors gets results. We support clinicians across New England with individualized quality improvement education and technical assistance, incorporating best practices with our real world experience garnered over the years. Our Massachusetts-based team will help achieve your goals of optimizing workflows, improving patient experience, meeting metrics, and achieving transformation milestones. Our practical experience means that our evidence-based solutions are meaningful, feasible, and sustainable for you and your teams. You are more than a number to us. Our team prioritizes services and will be responsive to your immediate and long-term needs. Healthcentric Advisors guides teams through implementation of current evidence-based practices and guidelines; delivers technical assistance with a focus on data-driven quality improvement – including identifying opportunities, setting aims, and measuring results; and facilitates community coalition building to share best practices and break down silos.


  • Our team – of physicians, nurses, behavioral health professionals, long-term service and supports experts, and healthcare managers bring real-world experience to QI.
  • Our work – efforts on local and national health care delivery gives us a unique perspective
  • Our reach – through our CMS’ Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO) contract we worked with 538 sites, 52, 333 clinicians, and 381 partners across Massachusetts – impacting 667,624 Beneficiaries.
  • Our impact – collectively, across New England, we’ve avoided 16,738 hospital readmissions; averted 8,109 hospital visits due to opioid adverse drug events; enabled 2,845 individuals to complete Diabetes Self-Management Education; and conducted over 1000 learning opportunities.


A large MA ACO engaged Healthcentric Advisors to assist with reducing hospital readmissions. An in-depth review of their claims data, identified that patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, and sepsis as having the highest hospital utilization. Our root cause analysis, identified provider and patient education as a significant opportunity. We developed disease specific toolkits to ensure consistent protocols and patient education, tools, and resources across the continuum. We launched the kits, using a train-the-trainer format, providing direct training to over 200 staff on early detection of sepsis, hands-on inhaler training, and patient-friendly tools for diabetes. Those that attended provided additional trainings back at their sites, reaching 1000 additional clinicians. Following the training, 85-99% of staff members indicated increased confidence in knowledge gained.


We administered a survey for the MA Health Policy Commission to identify the availability of dual-diagnosis (behavioral health and substance use disorder) services across the Commonwealth. Healthcentric lead a state-wide Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) workgroup that is preparing to pilot a newly identified protocol for MAT therapy for patients transitioning to skilled nursing facilities. The members include the Association for Behavioral Healthcare (ABH), Massachusetts Senior Care, Massachusetts Health and Hospital Association (MHA), and a select group of Opioid Treatment Programs and Skilled Nursing Facilities. We also convened a statewide summit highlighting evidence-base and promising practices for engaging patients and care partners into safe care transitions.


The statements in this document are made solely by Healthcentric Advisors. No statement in this document should be construed as an official position of or endorsement by Abt Associates Inc. or the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services.


Healthcentric Advisors is a national health care quality improvement authority. We have been providing technical assistance, education, and data analysis to providers throughout New England for over 20 years. Our areas of expertise include practice transformation, enhancing care transitions, and connecting providers across the continuum through our community coalition-building efforts.


  • Our Patient and Family Advisory Council, including 24 members from across New England, guides our project planning and development of tools and education. They contributed to 50+ projects in 2018 alone!
  • Our Project ECHO® team: recently offered two sessions Project ECHO® ROPE (Reducing Opioid use through Pain Management Education) and Project ECHO® HOMESS (How to Operate with Meaningful Engagement for Staff Stability).
  • We have direct experience providing evidence-based interventions to reduce readmission – including the Care Transition Intervention and ProjectRED.
  • Our clinical and research team contribute to the evidence-base with peer-reviewed publications.


  • “The entire Healthcentric team excels at translating complex requirements into practical application and have been valued partners in helping us improve client health outcomes.” – Vice President, Performance Management, Advocates
  • “I received superior service. The staff was informed, understood my questions completely and was able to research and provide clear answers in a timely manner. Exactly what was needed was delivered. Thank you!” – Regulatory Management, Boston Medical Center
  • “Knowledgeable and very helpful in my understanding of MACRA/MIPS/APMs.” – Medical Officer, Lahey Hospital
  • “… an amazing resource for us and our awardees over the years” – Former Director, Massachusetts Health Policy Commission


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