Healthcentric Advisors’ mission is to develop and provide innovative and evidence-based consultation, education, tools and resources that measure and improve the quality, safety and value of person-centered healthcare. As a nationally-recognized nonprofit health care quality improvement and patient safety advisory organization, Healthcentric Advisors provides clients with effective education, consulting, research, analytical, project management and other technical assistance services and partners with federal and local government agencies, foundations, insurers, healthcare providers, human services agencies, educational institutions and other private and community organizations to improve the quality of healthcare being delivered. TA methods Healthcentric Advisors commonly deploys include telephone and email support, video-conferencing, screen sharing, resource sharing, live or on-demand podcasts and webinars, in-person collaborative meetings or events, and on-site TA.


  • Since 1995, Healthcentric Advisors has served as the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) for Rhode Island through a contract with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). This work aims to to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of services delivered to Medicare beneficiaries, including those with diverse backgrounds and complex needs.
  • In 2014 Healthcentric Advisors expanded to all six states in the New England region through the CMS Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO) contract.
  • It was through the QIN-QIO work in Massachusetts that Healthcentric Advisors deepened its extensive local technical assistance (TA) and existing working relationships with many of the identified ACOs and CPs.


When working with a small practice clinician to prepare for reporting to the Quality Payment Program for the 2017 performance year, the Healthcentric Advisors team identified that the clinician was not fully utilizing the electronic health record system and could significantly increase participation and thus performance. During the initial conversations with this clinician, goals were discussed specifically as they related to whether or not he was seeking to avoid a payment penalty or achieve a positive payment adjustment; previous quality reporting experience; current clinical workflow to support quality reporting; and EHR utilization. This clinician noted that he was simply trying to avoid the penalty and had participated in both the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) and the Medicare EHR Incentive Program (Meaningful Use). Knowing this, we did a deep dive on his clinical workflow and set-up a screen share to determine how and where he was documenting his assessment data in the EHR. During the screen share and conference call, his office manager and medical assistant were also present to assist with additional information. As we went through his workflow, we quickly determined that he was not documenting his basic assessment data for tobacco use assessment, medication reconciliation, fall risk assessment, and influenza immunization, but rather included a free-text clinical note. Because the EHR could not effectively pull the data, his performance on these measures was substantially below what he expected and would have limited his ability to earn performance points. We identified the correct location in the EHR for documenting this data and he realized that he could easily achieve high performance in these measures by making very simple changes to his documentation process.


Healthcentric Advisors has a proven project management and staffing structure. The Massachusetts-based team serves as the primary technical staff, although ACOs and CPs will also have access to the collective expertise of all Healthcentric Advisors’ staff, which include analysts, communications experts, nurses, physicians, associates with QI expertise and electronic health record (EHR) expertise, and more.


The statements in this document are made solely by Healthcentric Advisors. No statement in this document should be construed as an official position of or endorsement by Abt Associates Inc. or the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services.


Healthcentric Advisors is a nationally-recognized nonprofit organization providing healthcare quality improvement and patient safety education, technical support, research, data analytics and project management services. Founded in 1994 to establish a quality improvement resource for healthcare providers, the organization quickly developed expertise in a range of subjects which led to contracts and engagements that provide services beyond Rhode Island. Staff includes nearly 70 physicians, nurses, educators, analysts and other professionals, with extensive local experience that affords the development and implementation of a practice-specific and outcome-driven sustainable process. Healthcentric Advisors is prepared to provide tailored assistance that responds to the immediate and long-term needs organizations in need of TA.


  • Healthcentric Advisors currently works with providers and community organizations across care settings (physician offices, acute-care hospitals, long-term care providers, home health agencies, pharmacies, etc.) and convene community coalitions that bring diverse providers together with community organizations to support care transitions for vulnerable patients.
  • Teams address provider and community priorities that including assisting with integration of social determinates of health screening tools into practice workflows, supporting behavioral health and primary care integration, identifying community-based social services organizations to engage and provide critical services to members, and training staff on quality improvement and measurement processes.


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