JSI is a healthcare consulting firm that helps health organizations achieve their desired results. JSI meets organizations—whether health, clinical, or community-based—where they are to develop programs that engage participants, reduce the burden on providers, enhance quality of care, integrate services across the continuum, and reduce costs. JSI helps organizations facilitate the engagement that is necessary to increase health status and transform health systems.

JSI’s services are evidence-informed, culturally targeted, and designed to help organizations build their capacity to improve and expand their public health and health care services. JSI’s overall approach is collaborative, mindful of an organization’s needs and priorities from a practical, budget-conscious perspective. JSI draws on implementation science principles and evidence-based quality improvement strategies to guide organizations through system-wide change in support of improved client, patient, and community-level outcomes. The goal of JSI’s technical assistance and capacity building services is to produce sustainable change that enables organizations to better achieve their missions.


  • JSI has spent decades developing specialized expertise in project management, delivery system design, practice transformation, health information exchange, health services integration, and health care financing.
  • JSI staff are continually engaged in researching, facilitating, implementing, and evaluating health system transformation, delivery system, and payment reform initiatives in Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial settings. We work with partners in proven care coordination and service integration models that work across sectors to address the underlying social determinants of health, reduce health care costs, and improve overall population health.
  • We know and understand local communities’ needs. We know how to get things done.


As part of JSI’s work with the Central New York Care Collaborative (CNYCC) (A Regional partner in the NYS DSRIP Program), JSI convened an expert panel of primary care providers, cardiologists, pharmacists, and community-based organizations and developed a series of principles, evidence-based guidelines, clinical protocols, and tools to inform the CNYCC’s integrated, cross-sector approach to the management of heart disease, including guidance on hypertension and diabetes. The burden of chronic disease, particularly heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes, were identified in the CNYCC’s initial community health assessment as one of the leading health issues facing the Central New York region. As a result, JSI facilitated an extensive series of full panel and small workgroup meetings. Ultimately, the guidance from this panel has been used to drive technical assistance and a broad chronic disease management plan that has been one of the most successful efforts of the CNYCC’s efforts to-date.


JSI has been working with organizations that serve diverse, often underserved and vulnerable consumers for more than 40 years. This experience has provided a unique understanding and appreciation for the importance of tailoring to the unique cultural, linguistic, and social contexts of the consumers that our clients serve. Addressing health equity and the racism, social injustices, and cultural issues that are often at the heart of existing disparities is central to population health improvement and is a focus in JSI’s approach. The core staff for MassHealth TA ensures that this awareness and consideration is woven into TA activities. A diverse pool of bi-cultural, bi-lingual staff is available to work on project teams.


The statements in this document are made solely by John Snow, Inc. No statement in this document should be construed as an official position of or endorsement by Abt Associates Inc. or the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services.


Established in 1978, JSI is a public health consulting and research organization dedicated to improving the health of individuals and communities throughout the world. In the United States, we work with public and private sector clients to address complex public health issues and ensure equity. Singularly focused on the health sector, in addition to deep experience in health systems transformation and population health, JSI staff bring a passion and commitment to the issues we work to address every day.


  • One of JSI’s founders was one of the inventors and developers of life-saving oral rehydration therapy for people experiencing severe dehydration due to diarrhea—today credited with saving more lives than nearly any other life-saving procedure in modern history.
  • Joel Lamstein, JSI co-founder, previously helped launch international public health group Management Sciences for Health in 1972. After 5 years, he split from MSH and formed JSI to focus on public health and healthcare issues here in the United States. Despite that initial focus, JSI has grown significantly and today works in more than 40 countries around the world.


  • “This information was invaluable. I heard multiple groups around me saying the info presented would absolutely change their practices ” – Training Attendee
  • “[TA] helped me really improve how I operate as a Project Director in terms of monitoring benchmark tracking, accuracy of reports, monitoring data in a more timely way so we can respond to discrepancies or challenges much faster than when I first started.” – TA Recipient
  • “We use the TA materials to refine our strategies and recommend policy and procedural change in the organization.” – TA Participant
  • “Resource materials and occasional assistance in solving technical issues or finding information have been very helpful. I find the staff to be very knowledgeable and invested in our success.”


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