Leavitt Partners is a health care intelligence firm that helps clients successfully navigate the evolving role of value in health care by advising them on value market analytics and alternative payment models. Through its family of businesses, the firm provides investment support, data and analytics, member-based alliances and direct services to clients to support decision-making strategies in the value economy. The intelligence the firm shares with its clients gives them a better understanding of what the future likely holds. By knowing what the future is likely to be (rather than what we hope it will be), clients can make better, more informed strategic decisions that will improve the strength of their position in the market and their bottom line.


  • Leavitt Partners uses the Value Based Readiness Assessment (VBRA) – a GPS tool for an organization’s journey to high-performance under risk-based contracts. The VBRA leadership tool is comprised of an online survey and proprietary analytic model that can help ACOs and CPs tailor their value-based strategy based on the readiness and alignment of the workforce.
  • Leavitt Partners also maintains one of the most extensive ACO databases in the country and has conducted detailed assessments of the demographic and health conditions of clients’ populations, including estimating total medical and other services costs based on the population’s health status and needs, costs, and state-specific requirements.
  • Leavitt Partners has supported client efforts to form clinically-integrated networks and ACO partnerships, including validating the value proposition and key competencies of each partner, identifying gaps in competencies, and drafting a strategic roadmap for achieving clinical and operational integration goals.


Leavitt Partners worked with an international health care technology company to analyze how a specific list of large health systems were transitioning to value-based care and how the health systems’ health information technology (HIT) configurations enabled or prevented the hospital system from moving to value. Specifically, Leavitt Partners used a list of characteristics (percent of revenue that was estimated to be at risk, degree of homogeneity across HIT systems, size of the health system, and type of health system) to segment the list of integrated delivery networks and allow the client to understand where each health system was on the spectrum of value-based care and technology.


Leavitt Partners, along with its sub-contractors, has experience working with consumer and patient organizations, public health leaders, health systems, health plans, social service providers, community development and urban planning experts on a wide range of strategic, organizational and consumer engagement projects. This experience includes developing strategies and technical assistance to meet the needs of individuals who have disabilities and complex health conditions, speak languages other than English, have special dietary needs or preferences, or other cultural, linguistic and social needs.


The statements in this document are made solely by Leavitt Partners. No statement in this document should be construed as an official position of or endorsement by Abt Associates Inc. or the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services.


Leavitt Partners is a health care intelligence business helping clients successfully navigate the evolving role of value in health care by informing, advising, and convening industry leaders on value market analytics, alternative payment models, federal strategies, insurance market insights, and alliances. Since 2009 the organization has been providing investment support, data and analytics, member-based alliances, and direct services to clients to support decision making strategies. Providing technical assistance aligns perfectly with Leavitt Partners mission to advance value-based care. Leavitt Partners is dedicated to improving care delivery and efficiency through advanced care coordination and integration.

Leavitt Partners has two subcontractors – Wilburn Strategic Solutions and Smart Policy Works – who will support TA services offered to MA ACOs and CPs.


  • Each year members of the Leavitt Partners team travel to the Pine Ridge Indian reservation, home of the Oglala Lakota Sioux, in South Dakota to provide service. Although the trip is not an official Leavitt Partners function, staff find meaning and value in coming together in a singular purpose to help others. Pine Ridge, despite being one of the poorest counties in the U.S., is rich with history, culture, and traditions.


“I have found Leavitt Partners to be consistently responsive with deliverables, always meeting (and sometimes exceeding) the project needs. Their data collection and analysis support are excellent. Reporting is always well done with relevant, well-organized data and information.” – Western Governors University which houses the Accountable Care Learning Collaborative


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