The Mass Health Information HIway (Massachusetts HIway), the Commonwealth’s state-sponsored health information exchange (HIE), is offering HAUS services free of charge to all MassHealth Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Community Partners (CPs), and Community Service Agencies (CSAs) in partnership with MassHealth. The only potential cost to organizations receiving HAUS assistance would be a fee for connection to the Mass HIway if no other connectivity options already exist. (Funding for HAUS will not come from ACO and CP TA Card funding available through the MassHealth DSRIP TA Program).

HIway Adoption and Utilization Support (HAUS) is designed to assist organizations with their transition from using fax or other inefficient communication methods to using secure Direct messaging to share health information with other providers and improve care coordination. The HAUS team will collaborate with all parties to implement or improve technology-assisted care coordination (i.e. use cases), assess critical gaps, and develop and manage a project plan to ensure the identified use case is fully implemented and utilized by both the sending and receiving organizations.

Examples of HIE Use Cases that the team can assist your organization and trading partners with to achieve these workflow updates include:

  • Primary Care Provider (PCP) sends a referral to Specialist
  • ACO sends a referral to a Behavioral Health (BH) CP or Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) CP
  • CSA sends a request for member’s Care Plan to PCP with PCP sending Care Plan back to CSA electronically
  • Discharge Summary is sent from a hospital to a long term care facility, BH CP, or LTSS CP
  • BH CP sends Comprehensive Assessment, Care Plan to PCP/ACO with PCP being able to send signed care plan back to BH CP


  • The Mass HIway is part of the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) and is aligned with MassHealth and its efforts to help improve care coordination for ACOs and CPs.
  • The Mass HIway is a FREE service for ACOs, CPs and CSAs and does not utilize funds from the organization’s TA Card. The only potential fee would be the annual Mass HIway webmail fee if the organization has no existing connectivity options.
  • Mass HIway Account Managers are available to facilitate calls and remote meetings among ACOs, CPs and CSAs and their trading partners to identify areas for improvement and move projects forward.
  • HAUS does not promote the use of any specific Direct Messaging platform. The goal of HAUS is to utilize the most efficient and cost effective technology that will achieve the end goal


The Mass HIway has worked with Merrimack Valley ACO and Family Continuity (an affiliated partner of Behavioral Health Partners of Metrowest) to help implement the electronic exchange of Care Plans and Consents for mutual patients. During this project, the HAUS team worked with both organizations on the implementation of HIway webmail (the secure/HIPAA compliant Direct messaging platform) for the exchange of Care Plans and Consents. As a result of this project, both organizations were able to significantly reduce their reliance on faxing as the primary method of Care Plan exchange. This project included implementation of new workflows in order to electronically exchange, training of staff on webmail, and educating staff and leadership on the benefits of secure exchange such as improvements in turnaround time of the signed care plan from the ACO to the Community Partner.


The Mass Health Information HIway (Mass HIway) promotes health information exchange (HIE) by healthcare providers and other HIway participants. The Mass HIway’s activities assist the Commonwealth’s healthcare community by improving care coordination, quality, patient satisfaction, and public health reporting while containing costs. The goals of the Mass HIway are to increase the adoption and effective use of HIE across the state and to provide a stable, secure, and cost-effective Direct Messaging platform.


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