The MAVEN Project provides much needed clinical expertise to underserved communities by leveraging engaged, highly-qualified volunteer physicians of all specialties. While the nation’s community clinics provide basic care to millions of uninsured and underinsured patients, access to specialty care is limited due to socioeconomic and geographic barriers. Utilizing telehealth technology, our advisory consultations fill gaps in immediate and longer term medical expertise, empowering primary care providers with additional skill and information for improved quality care. Our expert network consults on cases, provides peer-to-peer mentoring, and educates clinic providers to increase knowledge, improve service delivery, and support long-term capacity building.


  • The MAVEN Project is the only nonprofit that recruits highly respected physicians to volunteer their clinical expertise using telehealth technology nationally.
  • While other programs place physicians in clinics, this model provides the volunteer flexibility to work from anywhere and at any time.
  • The MAVEN team is uniquely focused on meeting the needs of local PCPs at the time they need it, giving them practical advice they can immediately apply to their patient(s).
  • Comprehensive care at the point of service improves patient outcomes and compliance, and arms PCPs with the knowledge and resources to provide a high quality of care.


What happens when a nonprofit provides a clinic with several free shipments of advanced diabetes medications, but the on-site providers do not have experience on how to use them? The MAVEN Project provided a solution. A volunteer endocrinologist stepped in and guided the clinic staff on the appropriate utilization, prescribing dosages, management, and monitoring requirements of the medications. The medications are being used, the clinic providers are confident in prescribing them, and patients are enjoying the health benefits and improved quality of life!


Telehealth technology is critical to our model as the crucial enabler that connects our volunteer specialty physician network to the primary care providers who desperately need their expertise in underserved clinics nationwide. MAVEN leverages Software-as-Service (SAS)-based HIPAA-protected videoconferencing and phone and web-messaging to enable consults, education, and mentoring sessions. New platform enhancements facilitate conversations via “available now” prompting for immediate access to consults as well as improved secure asynchronous messaging facilitating quick questions, longer conversations, and improved prompt scheduling. Currently this model is serving safety-net clinics in Massachusetts, California, Florida, New York, South Dakota, and Washington states, with the intention of expanding to all 50 states.


The statements in this document are made solely by The MAVEN Project. No statement in this document should be construed as an official position of or endorsement by Abt Associates Inc. or the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services.


The MAVEN Project (Medical Alumni Volunteer Expert Network) provides much needed clinical expertise to underserved communities by leveraging engaged, highly-qualified volunteer physicians (of all specialties). The MAVEN Project is a nonprofit health care organization that recruits best of class physicians to volunteer their clinical expertise via telehealth technology to populations seeking care at safety-net clinics to close the gaps on access to care. We facilitate timely access to medical expertise regardless of physical location by matching our national corps of engaged physician volunteers with organizations serving uninsured and Medicaid patients. The MAVEN Project focuses on increasing access to care, improving health outcomes, and increasing the knowledge capacity and supports for primary care providers.

Utilizing our cutting-edge telehealth technology, our specialty advisory consultations respond immediately to the needs of primary care providers (PCPs) serving MassHealth patients. Our model empowers primary care providers with the best clinical information to make patient care decisions at the right time.


  • Our Founder and Board Chair has delivered 15,000 babies to date and the number continues to climb!
  • Our CEO ran the 2018 Boston Marathon in hail, downpours, 30 mph headwinds, and freezing temperatures beating her previous time by 20 minutes!


“The use and availability of The MAVEN Project has proven to be useful time and time again via these consults. [Physician Volunteer] is thorough, and very knowledgeable. I scheduled this consult to revisit a patient case who had just completed diagnostic testing, and [Physician Volunteer] was able to advise on how we should proceed. She then remembered a previous patient we had discussed who had coincidentally completed new labs two days ago, and advised me on that patient as well. She is clearly a compassionate individual who cares about patients, and has a strong memory.”
“[Physician Volunteer] is consistently insightful and very helpful in providing concrete recommendations directly applicable to care for the underserved and uninsured. It is a genuine pleasure to speak with her and learn so much for her expertise.”


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