We provide customized management and support services to facilitate health system transformations. We offer adaptable and agile project management with deep experience in health information technology, business system analysis, system optimization, and performance improvement. We have extensive experience implementing and integrating information systems and processes for providers, health systems, and community partners across the continuum of care. We support a vast array of digital transformation engagements, information system deployments, system and process optimizations, data quality and integration projects and numerous healthcare operations, utilization management, care management, and care model redesign efforts.


  • We understand the healthcare ecosystem and the various stakeholder perspectives and objectives.
  • We have expertise in healthcare operations, health information technology, health information exchange, and key capability requirements.
  • We know the systems, vendors, and trading partners and their ability to connect and integrate information. We have extensive experience implementing and integrating information systems for providers and health systems across the continuum of care.
  • Our team consistently demonstrates the ability to manage logistically complex projects with the highest quality, within budget and on schedule.


An integrated health system wanted to identify and resolve system and data integration related problems in an effort to serve its members more efficiently and positively impact the CCA operating environment. We were contracted to manage a system and data stabilization project focused on improving critical functionality, data quality and data integration across multiple clinical and core business systems. We provided project management and business system analysis resulting in the identification of requirements, determination of capability gaps, priority setting and phasing of improvement areas and provided lead management over the implementation and support services for multiple clinical system enhancements and upgrades. Our team also assisted CCA with their model of care transformation efforts, collaborating on the redesign of the technology, templates, and processes to support new care management workflows and newly organized care teams focused on clinical triage, assessment and care planning, service authorizations, and clinical decision support tools and processes.


We approach each opportunity with an open, creative and collaborative mindset. We engage, integrate and learn quickly; expose risks and issues, discover opportunities and reveal ideal solution paths; align and enhance capacity and capabilities across boundaries; enable client resources to maximize their potential; achieve incremental and sustainable value supported by empirical data; and create compelling and transferable results for clients to build enduring transformation.


The statements in this document are made solely by Peak Agile. No statement in this document should be construed as an official position of or endorsement by Abt Associates Inc. or the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services.


Peak Agile provides a range of services and subject matter expertise centered on health information technology, system integration and optimization, performance improvement, change management and client enablement. The firm offers an array of services and subject matter expertise to facilitate digital transformations. Adaptable and agile project management is offered with deep experience in health information technology, business system analysis, system optimization, performance improvement, change management, and client enablement.

Peak Agile provides the technical assistance to amplify capabilities and optimize processes and systems to better manage individual and population health, enhance health stakeholder experiences and improve clinical, operational and financial performance within and across boundaries. We listen carefully to understand stakeholder needs, challenges and objectives. We assess the environment, acquire insight, and determine capability gaps. We identify value optimized solutions, manage improvement pathways and amplify client capabilities.


  • We performed chart abstractions for medical records notated on hundreds of index cards that required a magnifying glass to read!


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