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Culturally Responsive Care: Beliefs & Barriers Training Series

Culturally Responsive Care: Beliefs & Barriers Series includes a set of trainings focused on specific populations & communities (see below).

The training will provide participants with broad overviews of cultural attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that diverse populations may hold. The training will also address barriers that may prevent diverse groups from accessing health and human services. These barriers will be separated into three areas: Institutional, Community and Provider Level. Training participants will also hear from members of diverse communities in our “Voices from the Community” panel presentations.

This suite of trainings can be offered individually or as a series.

Trainings range from ½ day to full day.

Communities include but are not limited to: Southeast Asian, Portuguese Speaking, Latin American, Asian American, LGBTQ+, Foreign-born Muslim, and African American communities are all available. “Voices from the Community” presentations are continually being developed. Organizations are encouraged to check with the site to see availability.

Any of these trainings can be customized to address population specific communities in the organization’s service area. CHI has a vast network of panel representatives for Voices from the Community segments and can tailor trainings that will specifically address organizational needs.

Training lengths can also be customized.

In addition, project can be customized to include Culturally Responsive Care Foundational course as a first offering.




Ongoing Availability


Standalone ½ day or full day


Either single or multiple participants (one ACO or CP per TA project OR multiple ACOs or CPs per TA Project)