Off the Shelf TA

Developing an Action Plan for Data Sharing among ACOs and CPs

Does your community or network recognize the need to share data across sectors to enable collaboration between health care, behavioral health, and social services, but lack a robust blueprint for action? If so, this SOW is designed for you.

Intrepid Ascent will guide ACOs, CPs, and their community stakeholders through a thoughtful and efficient process to develop an Action Plan for data-sharing across sectors, whether the focus is on referrals, shared care planning, or “community information exchange” more broadly. Our analysis and recommendations encompass technology, policy, and human factors, and the interdependencies between them.

The primary output will be an Action Plan with the following components:

  • Community/network priorities
  • Current assets and strengths (including IT systems)
  • Barriers and opportunities
  • Recommendations
  • High-level timeline to implement recommendations

Intrepid Ascent is positioned to support technology vendor selection, implementation, stakeholder and user onboarding, and data governance development via custom SOWs depending upon recommended next steps.

This SOW could be adapted for individual ACOs or CPs seeking to determine a plan for their organization to participate in broader community data sharing across sectors, with a budget of $10k-$25k range with a potential timeline of three months or less.

The SOW could also be adapted for coalitions of ACOs and CPs that are already midway through a process like that described in the Project Description, and/or who have more specific needs.


Intrepid Ascent


$25,000 - $75,000


Ongoing Availability


3 to 6 months


Either single or multiple participants (one ACO or CP per TA project OR multiple ACOs or CPs per TA Project)


Health Information Technology (HIT)