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Developing Data Sharing Agreements for Care Coordination

The coordination of health and social services between ACOs and CPs represents a tremendous opportunity for individuals, providers, and local communities and is a critical component of delivery system transformation. Building a network for broad systems change requires a sound data governance framework that fosters trust among all partners. Establishing effective data governance begins with clear legal agreements that address what data sharing means, the types and amount of data each partner requires, policies and procedures for how data may be used and shared, as well as the legal and statutory responsibilities of participating organizations.

We assist with the development of legal agreements to enable appropriate data sharing between health care and social service organizations. We offer a template that can be customized as needed for the number of partners, types of data being shared, and relevant laws and regulations. In addition to drafting the legal agreements, we work with data sharing partners to build trust, ensure shared understanding, and reduce barriers to data sharing for impactful care coordination.

If stakeholder facilitation and alignment are not required, and an ACO or CP is interested in a streamlined engagement focused on the co-production of a draft data sharing agreement, that may result in customizations bringing the budget into the $10k-$25k range.

Another customization option is the review of existing data sharing agreements that have already been implemented.


Intrepid Ascent


$25,000 - $75,000


Ongoing Availability


3 to 6 months


Either single or multiple participants (one ACO or CP per TA project OR multiple ACOs or CPs per TA Project)


Health Information Technology (HIT)