Off the Shelf TA

Disparities Leadership Program

The Disparities Leadership Program (DLP) is a year-long, hands-on executive education program focused on helping health care leaders achieve equity in quality. Through the DLP, we develop leaders prepared to meet the challenges of health care transformation by improving quality for populations who experience disparities. Program goals are:

  1. To equip health care leaders with a rich understanding of the causes of disparities, the vision to implement solutions, and the strategies to transform their organization to deliver high-value health care.
  2. To help leaders create strategic plans or projects to advance their work in reducing disparities in a customized way, with practical benefits tailored to every organization.
  3. To create a professional learning and networking environment to engage in peer-to-peer learning, crowd sourcing of strategies for reducing disparities, resource sharing, collaboration, and ongoing support in the form of a national DLP alumni network.

Every participant enters the DLP with the intention to either develop a year-long strategic plan that will be used as a blueprint for improving equity, or to advance a component of a specific project to address disparities. A project can be continuing an initiative already in progress or taking the first step on a new initiative.


$10,000 - $25,000


Time-Limited Availability


The DLP is a year-long program with TA and peer interaction facilitated at regular intervals throughout the year.


Multiple Participants (multiple ACOs or CPs per TA project)


Performance Improvement