Off the Shelf TA

Hosting Virtual Outreach Events with Zoom

About this course: Videoconferencing has surged in popularity in recent times with over 200M daily users of the service in March 2020. Not sure how to setup, manage and run a successful Zoom event of your own? Our course will give you a step by step guide so your organization can broadcast, present, educate or sell a service to large groups of attendees. You will also learn how to enable and manage important features such as registration, Q&A, chat and attendee lists. For ACOs this is an opportunity to safely engage with their members, answer questions and provide information about the organization’s reopening steps. For Community Partners this is an opportunity highlight your expertise and the steps the organization is taking to re-open and continue to partner with ACOs.

The curriculum for ACOs and Community Partners includes:

  • Overview of Zoom videoconferencing features including registration, Q&A, attendee polls, chat and attendee lists.
  • Step by step guide on how to create a videoconference
  • Example of a successful recorded videoconference
  • Practice creating a mock videoconference

This training will bring a cohort of participants together for a live webinar session on a variety of topics including understanding your target audiences, strategies to engage hard to reach demographics, developing targeted messages and materials, preparing for media interviews or learning how to create successful events using Zoom or Facebook LIVE.

To ensure that we address your organization’s needs during the sessions, a brief assessment survey will be sent prior to the session that will allow us to tailor the content.


$10,000 - $25,000


Time-Limited Availability


3 hour interactive online course (available via Zoom)


Multiple Participants (multiple ACOs or CPs per TA project)


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