Off the Shelf TA

Improving Performance on Quality Measures

HMA can assist ACOs and CPs in the development, implementation, and analysis of projects aimed at improving performance on DSRIP quality metrics. Optimal performance on quality measures will maximize CPs & ACOs ability to “earn back” at-risk funding.

TASK 1. PLANNING: HMA will support 30 hours of planning including the choice of a targeted quality measure, selection of one ACO or CP partner organization, and the development of an improvement project, including defining organizational/staff roles, allocating resources, designing operational workflows, and identifying measurement tools and data collection processes.

TASK 2. IMPLEMENTATION & ANALYSIS: HMA will provide 60 hours of project management support including facilitation of project meetings, issue tracking, monitoring workflow implementation and data collection efforts, and analysis of outcomes.

Support will be provided telephonically or via online audio/video technology. HMA can customize the task descriptions to include up to three shared quality measures and up to three ACO/CP partnerships. The selection of additional quality measures and additional partnerships will result in additional TA hours. A single ACO or CP can use TA funds to support this project, or it can be funded jointly.

Additional TA Hours: Customization is available with respect to number of TA hours an organization requests to support one or both tasks. Total requested hours will influence pricing.

Onsite Participation: TA support will be provided telephonically or via online audio/video technology unless otherwise requested. Onsite HMA participation may influence pricing.


$25,000 - $75,000


Ongoing Availability




Multiple Participants (multiple ACOs or CPs per TA project)


Performance Improvement