Off the Shelf TA

Operational Planning to Achieve Strategic Goals

HMA will provide your organization with 60 hours of technical assistance to develop an Operational Plan that supports achieving your strategic objectives. HMA’s structured process will begin with a review of your organization’s current strategic goals gathered through document review and key stakeholder interviews. The interviews will also help HMA understand the organization’s past operational successes and barriers. Next, HMA will review the organization’s current project portfolio, envisioned projects, and resource availability. HMA will then partner with organizational leaders via facilitated work sessions to prioritize and sequence projects to achieve strategic objectives. Based on the work sessions, HMA will develop an Operational Plan (first draft and final deliverable) that will include planned start and end dates, key milestones, and expected outcomes. The Operational Plan will be accompanied by a Tracking Tool (e.g., Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint) that will enable the organization to track progress, mitigate potential risks, and resolve implementation barriers.

HMA can customize the scope to more specifically address an ACO or CP’s unique needs.

Additional TA Hours: Customization is available with respect to number of TA hours an organization requests to support the project. Total requested hours will influence pricing.

Onsite Participation: Portions of this project, including the facilitated work sessions, are typically most effective when conducted in-person. However, given the recent trend toward remote work/collaboration, this offering is proposed to be provided via online audio/video technology unless otherwise requested. Onsite HMA participation may influence pricing.


$10,000 - $25,000


Ongoing Availability




Single Participant (one ACO or CP per TA project)


Performance Improvement