Off the Shelf TA

Project Management and Strategic Advisory on Performance Improvement Initiatives

HealthNET has decades of experience in the successful management of performance improvement projects for our healthcare clients. We have assisted in a variety of performance improvement (PI) initiatives; samples include:

  • Throughput
  • Clinical – eRx, Documentation
  • Scheduling and Billing
  • Regulatory PI such as Promoting Interoperability, HIPAA, Cures Act

HealthNET’s certified Project Management Professionals use structured methodologies including Six Sigma and Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) to ensure successful project outcomes. Our professionals can assist in (1) defining performance improvement projects specific to your organization’s needs, (2) delivering and implementing tools for the PI project and (3) assisting you in each phase of the project to ensure success.

Our process includes the following phases and deliverables:

  1. Defining/Initiating the project and/or process for improvement.
  2. Analysis of your current state and the gap between “as is” and your desired future state. Mapping of this environment.
  3. We help with identifying your team constituencies in the “voice of the customer” and the “voice of quality” needed to ensure that your goals are reached.
  4. We work with you to develop the overall project structure, define the deliverables, and identify key performance indicators (KPIs).
  5. Guide you through the improvement process and assist as your change agent in overcoming resistance to change.
  6. Ensure you have controls in place so that improvements made are maintained.
  7. We provide leadership through each phase of the project with both advisory and “hands on” assistance moving the project to a successful completion.

HealthNET has deep experience in both the operational and clinical aspects of ambulatory and acute healthcare including public sector experience. Our professionals possess a unique blend of both leadership/advisory and hands-on guidance for organization leaders responsible for performance improvement.


$25,000 - $75,000


Ongoing Availability


120-200 Hours of consultation over the course of estimated 8-12 weeks


Either single or multiple participants (one ACO or CP per TA project OR multiple ACOs or CPs per TA Project)


Performance Improvement