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Role of the Emergency Department in Reducing Readmissions (Webinar Series)

What is a common success strategy among teams with measurable readmission reduction results? They know that reducing readmissions is not just about using risk scores, developing good discharge plans, and making post-discharge phone calls. They know that the opportunity to reduce readmissions doesn’t stop when the patient returns to the ED – there is still time! This TA engagement will teach your team about feasible, effective strategies to reduce readmissions by including the emergency department as an intervention site. Through this 3-part webinar series, you will learn to expand your readmission reduction strategies to include the ED; understand the importance of asking “why” your patients/members/clients return to the ED; and learn a variety of feasible, effective strategies to avoid (re) admissions from the ED.

CHS is happy to customize this TA opportunity in any of a variety of ways. This could certainly lend itself to ongoing strategic and technical advisement and performance improvement coaching. Our experience providing monthly coaching to the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission’s CHART Program teams is that teaching is just the beginning of an effective strategy: success in “bending the trend’ of readmissions requires a trusted coach, an operational dashboard, regular use of PDSA (small scale tests of change) to improve “how” we do “what” we do to achieve outcomes. We always look to serve at the largest scale possible, and this offering would be great to customize for collaborations with multiple ACOs and/or CPs.




Time-Limited Availability


3 part webinar series over 6 weeks


Single participant (one ACO or CP per TA project)


Care Coordination / Integration

Performance Improvement

Population Health Management