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SDOH Benchmark Assessments: Clarifying the path to sustainable SDOH programs

The social determinants of health (SDOH) Benchmark Assessment helps ACOs see where they stand in the process of creating and maintaining sustainable SDOH programs and provides them with custom recommendations on how to move forward. This quick assessment allows ACOs to gain access to benchmark data and custom recommendations with minimal impact to their busy schedules. The Benchmark Assessment consists of completing an online questionnaire followed by a one-hour phone interview to gather additional insight and qualitative information. Spring Street combines Assessment responders’ business goals and market realities with our experience in creating sustainable SDOH programs, with scoring in 4 areas of focus: Awareness, Understanding and Structure; Social Needs and Member Identification; Programs, Partnerships and Interventions; Measurement, Impact and Outcomes.

ACOs will gain a better understanding of their SDOH programs with minimal impact on staff time. Results include:

  1. Scores for the four focus areas to measure each organization’s SDOH performance
  2. Benchmarks of each organization’s SDOH programming progression against our growing database of healthcare organizations
  3. Recommendations prioritized and customized to help each organization develop a sustainable SDOH platform

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Ongoing Availability


1 to 2 months


Either single or multiple participants (one ACO or CP per TA project OR multiple ACOs or CPs per TA Project)


Community-Based Care and Social Determinants of Health