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SDOH Data Strategy

Many ACOs have been addressing social determinants of health (SDOH) due to the mission or state requirements. The impact of SDOH work can be amplified through improved member identification and outcomes measurement. It can be confusing to determine the data required to support SDOH goals, with the plethora of data and analytics firms selling access to complementary social data. A data strategy helps the ACO identify the data needed to support the organizational and SDOH strategy. The goal is to maximize the use of existing data before considering any additional investment. We also advise on what additional data may be needed to address SDOH goals.

Define and establish a cross-functional SDOH data team

  1. Define SDOH data requirements
  2. Assess internal capabilities
  3. Define & fill gaps:
    • Determine the additional data required to fulfill SDOH strategy
    • Explore cost- and time-efficient means to address these gaps
  4. Establish success criteria

A focused data strategy saves an organization money and reduces time and energy spent in exploring and adopting data sets beyond their actual needs or capacity to use. This is a critical value for Medicaid ACOs who have limited resources and are seeking a sustainable approach to expanding their SDOH footprint.

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Community-Based Care and Social Determinants of Health

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